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All you can drink

30minutes 499yen

All you can drink

30minutes 499yen

All you can drink

30minutes 499yen

All you can drink

30minutes 499yen

Japanese food

Healthy and fresh cuisine

All you can drink

All you can drink
30minutes 499JPY


  • There is a minimum order of one dish per table.
  • Please note that after the time limit has been reached, it will be extended automatically.
  • All drinks are self-service.
  • An appetizer charge of 300 yen per person is added to each bill.
  • All shown prices are exclusive of tax.

with our self-service

We are sure that you will find the drink that you like.

1. Take advantage of the opportunity to taste various types of alcohol.

There are different types of Shinshyu locally brewed sake, shochyu, and liqueurs, that you can drink and compare, so you can discover the one just for you.

2. Enjoy drinking at your own pace.

With our self-service you can pour and drink at your own pace, whenever you feel like drinking, without worries and in comfort.

3. You can decide on how strong you want your drink.

Whether you are drinking a shochu and soda, a highball, or a cocktail,  you can adjust the strength of your drink by adding the amount of alcohol that you like.

our food menus


“Shinshu beef” is a famous brand of Japanese beef produced in the northern part of Shinshyu in Okushinano. The cows raised by being given locally produced apples to match the fattening stage, being fed with bran, tofu grounds, sake leeks, and other local byproducts. The meat is famous for being rich in protein and vitamins, as well as for the excellent balance of “meat,” “lipids,” “marbling” contents. “Shinshu premium beef” is a top brand beef that has cleared the unique Nagano Prefecture “new standard of taste” with contents such as the marbling and oleic acid. It’s fat is very smooth, creating a melting-in-the-mouth marbling meat quality.


“Shinshu herbal chicken” is a free range chicken raised in Nagano prefecture, being fed blended natural herbs (oregano, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, etc.).It does not have a chicken-distinctive smell and acridity, and features a natural chicken flavor without any unpleasant taste peculiarities.In addition, Shinshu herbal chicken is certified as a “Special Breeding Chicken” and is bred in under special hygiene management conditions.


At Kobayashinoujou we procure the finest vegetables with excellent taste and aroma, carefully selected from the vegetables distributed by the contracted farmers. We serve the vegetables in their best ripeness cooked by the best method.

Our approach

“Each precious vegetable.” “Each precious bottle of sake.” We always treasure the feelings of the producers of the ingredients, that we handle. We are grateful for those feelings and would like to convey them to our customers. We really hope that you could relish the dedicated approach of the producers. We also would like to tell the producers about each smile of our customers. The mission of Kobayashinoujou restaurants is to connect the local producers and customers nationwide.

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